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 Inspiring nurses

Are you needing inspiration?

Do you ever feel you’d like more inspiration to help you move forward in your career?

There is a need to inspire nurses to continue doing the amazing work they do

That’s where inspiration prn adds value to your professional and personal growth

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Personal, 1-2-1 coaching and professional mentoring

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‘Pro re nata’ – Blogs for you, as needed

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What people are saying about Inspiration PRN

I met with Jane to seek her guidance with developing my career towards becoming a nurse practitioner. Jane was incredibly helpful, and generous sharing her experience and advice with me. She helped me work out a plan forward and gave me the confidence to begin working towards my goal. Meeting with Jane was no doubt, the linchpin in my next professional adventure. 
– Georgia Ellis, RN Aged Care. 

PRN Blogs

Symptoms of the ego

A few months ago, I read a blog by Kerwin Rae, about the seven symptoms of the ego. Kerwin is a businessman and he has written coaching blogs and vlogs that really nail down to the grizzly parts of being a human being – something I believe is the hardest job in the...

You would thrive from a rural and remote nursing experience

Australia is a BIG country, the land mass is enormous and it provides hundreds of opportunities for health care professionals to support rural and remote communities. The number of nurses in Australia is over 330,000 and we have a population of around 25 million...

When we try to be everything to everyone!

I have spent many years trying to maximise every ounce of potential that I have and maximise every opportunity that I have either created or become aware of. I have worried that opportunities have passed me by or that I am not reaching my full potential. Where has it...

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